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PKI Tokens:

2FA PKI Token

The 2FA PKI USB Token is a market leading cryptographic identity verification module. This small, easy to carry token provides a host of indispensable protective measures for digital communication and transaction through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) data encryption technology. The 2FA PKI USB token contains a smart-card chip in a USB token form factor. The convenient USB function renders the device operable with almost all computers without the need for a reader. As a two factor advanced authentication solution, the 2FA PKI USB token can secure local and remote desktops and VPN network logon. Key cryptography and the digital signing of emails, documents, and transactions are performed onboard in the secure token framework which is impervious to after-market modification and manipulation.

OTP Tokens:

2FA OTP Token

The event-based One Time Password (OTP) token by 2FA provides users with a stable and secure device to regulate network log-on using a dynamic algorithm that changes as it reveals each new password – at the click of a button. Traditional log-on credentials that consist of merely a fixed username and password are no match for the persistent threat posed by modern cyber criminals. Two-factor authentication with the 2FA OTP Token uses something you know, your username and password, together with something you have, the uniquely generated OTP number, to ensure tough network endpoint security. Compact and tamper resistant token construction design allows users to easily store and manage the hardware module. Enhanced battery life makes the 2FA OTP token a solid investment for years to come.

OTP Display Card

This Display Card provides strong OTP (One Time Password) security and greater convenience to be easily carried in the wallet as a separate card or as a Multifunctional card providing logical access using OTP but also different other services using a custom electronic chip. In order to login and access its secure data the user will have to go through the normal identification process and then, in order to securely authenticated, enter the unique numeric password generated by the Display Card.

By using the unique OTP generated by the Display Card and not just static password, you will have confidence that hackers are not able to gain access to your data even knowing you name and static password information.

The card comes standard with OATH (Initiative for Open AuTHentication) Platform and algorithm. Using Open Reference architecture, e-ServiceID Display Cards are designed to be interoperable to provide flexibility in solution development and deployment. It allows for strong universal OTP authentication solutions that are implemented by over fifty of the leading authentication providers today.OATH also supports a variety of algorithms such as event-based (HOTP), time based (TOTP) and challenge response (OCRA) solutions.