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OTP Display Card
convenience and security together in one package.

2FA OTP Display Card

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2FA OTP Display Card
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Fraud, identity theft, and security breaches continue to skyrocket with simple static passwords - which have been deemed inadequate. Static passwords are easily compromised, lost, difficult to keep track of and vulnerable to various forms of attacks ranging from key loggers and fake websites that steal your passwords to other forms of electronic brute force attacks.

Public safety agencies, financial organizations, and corporations alike are being required to secure online access to their networks. The use of twofactor authentication is proving to be a successful method of making the IT environment more secure while making life simpler for the everyday user.

Public saftey agencies today are faced with ever-changing regulatory environments, internal and external threats, and business improvement initiatives which are implemented with the goal of achieving more with less. Compliance, protection of sensitive, and streamlined processes are critical components of every agency. With passwords being insufficient to prove a user’s identity, two-factor authentication is taking prevalence as a security best practice. Two-factor authentication consists of something you know - PIN, username, password, etc, and something you have - Display Card with the one-time password (OTP). This OTP is used only once, and a new one must be used the next time you attempt to log in. The Display Card from 2FA provides you with OTP technology that fits in your wallet; convenience and security together in one package.

Secure and Convenient

The stylish Display Card from 2FA is produced with vibrant customized artwork in a familiar credit card form factor. The Display is a high contrast LCD screen with superb readability designed for maximum brightness in all types of lighting. It comes with an instantaneous refresh rate and the data is able to scroll across the screen providing access to large amounts of information.

Your Display Card provides strong OTP security and greater convenience for you by simply carrying it in your wallet. In order to access your online account, go through your normal process and type in the unique numeric password generated by your Display Card. By using your OTP Display Card, and not just static passwords, you have confidence that hackers are not able to gain access, even if they know your name and static password information.

The OTP Display Card Series comes standard with OATH algorithm (open-reference architecture). With OATH platform, OTP Display Cards are designed to be interoperable to provide flexibility in solution development and deployment. It allows for strong universal OTP authentication solutions that are implemented by over 50 of the leading authentication providers today. OATH also supports a variety of algorithms such as event-based (HOTP) and time-based (TOTP).

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Why 2FA?

2FA Inc. is an Austin, Texas based, veteran-owned, software company created on the single vision of simplifying strong authentication. Consistent with that vision, their product, 2FA ONE, integrates credential management, single sign-on, and other advanced authentication workflows. Since 2006, 2FA has been at the forefront of technological advances in security and authentication, with several industry “firsts”.


  • Slim card form factor, able to store in wallet
  • Easy to use button triggers response and one time password
  • Large and bright Numeric display
  • Convenient to use
  • Enhance trust in online transactions
  • No card reader necessary


  • Print your logo and promote your brand
  • Increased mobility
  • Multiple functionality
  • Easy to deploy
  • Increases trust

Optional Features

Card Features

  • Magnetic Stipe: 2 or 3 Track
  • Oersted: 300 or 2750, Optional Customer Specific
  • Signature Panel: Non-secure; Secure
  • Hologram: Non-secure; Secure
  • Contact Chip Embedding: Customer Specific
  • Printing: State of the art offset, screen & variable imaging technologies

Personalized Options

  • Thermal Transfer**
  • Laser Engraving**
  • Indent Printing**
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • Contact Chip Perso
  • RF Chip Perso


Download the 2FA OTP Display Card Datasheet (PDF).


2FA Products
2FA OTP Display Card
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