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Eikon® Readers
Silicon USB Fingerprint Readers

Eikon USB Silicon Readers

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EikonTouch 510
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The Eikon family of USB capacitive fingerprint readers provide quick and reliable biometric authentication. Our patented technology reaches up into the ridges and valleys of the fingerprint to capture fine print details. The result is the ability to capture a wide range of fingerprints. The Digital ID Hardware Engine companion processor performs match-on-device and OTP generation in secure, dedicated hardware.

DigitalPersona offers three capacitive fingerprint readers in the Eikon family:

  • EikonTouch 710 - The only touch silicon FIPS 201 certified single finger capture device.
  • EikonTouch 510 - A SteelCoat protective coating provides added protection of the fingerprint reader for rugged environments
  • Eikon II - A swipe reader ideal for single user applications.

Eikon fingerprint readers are designed for use with DigitalPersona’s software including our authentication solution, DigitalPersona® Pro Enterprise. Our Software Development Kits offer flexible APIs to enable fast integration with a broad range of applications. Whether you are an enterprise customer or a system integrator, DigitalPersona’s biometric identity verification solutions provide a natural extension to your security system and applications.

About DigitalPersona, Inc.

DigitalPersona offers the world’s broadest portfolio of biometrics-based identity verification solutions. Applications range from highly secure banking environments and complex government identity programs to basic point-ofsale retail systems. Our solutions verify the identity of more than 200 million authorized users worldwide and significantly reduce the risk of fraud, theft and unauthorized access. Offerings for end-users and system integrators include industry-specific software applications, complete SDKs and a full range of optical, silicon, touch, swipe and embedded readers.


  • FIPS 201 PIV certified
  • SteelCoat for durability
  • Small form factor
  • Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints
  • High quality fingerprint image

Target Applications

  • Desktop PC security
  • Mobile PCs
  • Custom applications


  EikonTouch 710 and EikonTouch 510 Eikon II
Compact Form Factor
Fingerprint sensor TCS1C (touch) TSC4C (swipe)
Package size (mm) 84 x 33.8 x 14.3 84 x 33.8 x 14.3
Scanned finger area (mm) 12.8 x 18 9.6 x 25
Pixel array size (pixels) 256 x 360 192 wide
Weight (g) 74 68
High Performance
Acquisition speed 5.5 frames/sec Up to 39 cm/sec
Image resolution 508 dpi 508 dpi
Grayscale image depth 8-bit (256 levels) 8-bit (256 levels)
Interface USB 2.0 full speed USB 2.0 full speed
USB data encryption AES-56 (no export restriction)
AES-128 (export restrictions)
Proprietary, private-channel encryption
On-board data storage 256 bytes for private data (optional) Up to 15 templates and/or optional private data
ESD protection IEC 61000-4-2 level 4: 15kV air, 8kV contact IEC 61000-4-2 level 3: 8kV air, 6kV contact
Ingress protection IP 63 for moisture and dust protection None
Operating temperature 0° to +40° C 0° to +40° C
Protective coating > 2 million touches (Eikon 710)
> 4 million touches (Eikon 510)
> 10 million swipes
Humidity 5% to 93% RH @ 30° C 5% to 93% RH @ 30° C
Efficient Power Management
Power imaging ~ 120 mA @ 5V ~ 100 mA @ 5V
Power standby ~ 1 mA @ 5V ~1350 uA @ 5V
Integration Ease
OS support Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, CE Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, CE, Linux and MacOS
Development Kit options Various SDKs including BSAPI 3.5 or greater Various SDKs including BSAPI 3.5 or greater


Download the 2FA Eikon USB Silicon Readers Datasheet (PDF).


2FA Products
Biometric Readers
EikonTouch 510
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EikonTouch 710
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Eikon II
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