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OTP Token
2FA Event-Based One-Time Password Token

2FA OTP Token

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2FA OTP Token
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The event-based One Time Password (OTP) token by 2FA provides users with a stable and secure device to regulate network log-on using a dynamic algorithm that changes as it reveals each new password – at the click of a button. Traditional log-on credentials that consist of merely a fixed username and password are no match for the persistent threat posed by modern cyber criminals. Two-factor authentication with the 2FA OTP Token uses something you know, your username and password, together with something you have, the uniquely generated OTP number, to ensure tough network endpoint security. Compact and tamper resistant token construction design allows users to easily store and manage the hardware module. Enhanced battery life makes the 2FA OTP token a solid investment for years to come.

Front, Back, and Side to Side

The 2FA OTP token is supported by 2FA ONE Server. 2FA ONE delivers a complete solution to organizations of all sizes and orientations by streamlining all authentication operations, such as deployment, provisioning and maintenance, significantly reducing IT overhead. Centralized integration and management take place on the server side; this ensures that the user experience is simple and easy to understand while at the same time administration is reliable and secure. With the advanced security measures provided by the 2FA OTP token and 2FA ONE Server, organizations take an important step toward the development of enhanced security.

Adaptable Solution for a Secure Fit

Specifically engineered in accordance with the standards of the Open Authentication (OATH) consortium the 2FA OTP token can serve as a seamless hardware solution for any organization which maintains and operates an OATH compliant back end authentication server. For large scale projects the seed code can be generated and inserted into the token locally at the user’s site. Password number sequences are available in sets of six or eight digits.


Strong two-factor authenticator through dynamic password technology

  • Unique password generated each click - password cannot be reused
  • Zero software install at client side
  • Zero footprint authentication
  • Minimum change to existing static password authentication system

Easy to use and portable

  • No PIN needed
  • Independent to end-user environment. No external connection is needed
  • Easy to carry on a key ring

Support 2FA ONE Server

  • Standard Radius authentication service
  • Easy to integrate with a wide range of authentication and access gateway solutions
  • Centralized authentication and graphical management system
  • Stable performance under heavy duty environment


Replace insecure and unstable fixed username/password systems with a dynamic OTP Token

  • A simple and easy to use all around solution
  • With the 2FA OTP token there is no need for any additional client software download or installation on a user’s computer. Upon receiving the token, its owner can immediately begin authenticating to their network access with the entry of a few quick keystrokes.
  • Enjoy a cost effective pricing structure
  • Stable performance and long product lifetime make the average cost of usage extremely low. After the initial purchase the device can authenticate a single user over many years with no additional charge, unlike mobile SMS based OTP.
  • Engineered to integrate with OATH standard based back end servers, such as 2FA ONE.
  • Suitable for large scale projects with many users
  • Custom tailor your solution to suit any requirement


OTP Token Specifications
User Interface 8-character high contrast LCD Display
Security Algorithms OATH compliant event-based HOTP
Memory Type Random Access Memory (RAM)
Endurance More than 14,000 clicks
Battery Lifecycle 5 years
Power Consumption Less than 0.005mW
Operating Temperature -10°C – 50°C (14°F – 122°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C – 70°C (-4°F – 158°F)
Humidity 0% – 100% without condensation
Physical Resistance Tamper evident IP54 ingress protection
(under evaluation)
Case Specifications
Dimension 62mm x 29mm
Weight 15g
Color Blue
Material ABS+PC
Faceplate Front and back sides faceplate 48mm x 27 mm
Serial Number Barcode and serial number under back side faceplate
Customization Customizable 6 or 8 digit pass code
Faceplate text and color*
Casing color*
Serial number*
Industrial and end-user packaging*
(*Require minimum purchase)
Certification & Compliance OATH HOTP Compliant


Download the 2FA OTP Token Datasheet (PDF).


2FA Products
2FA OTP Token
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